"The Light of the World" © Jay Bryant Ward

"The Light of the World" © Jay Bryant Ward, All Rights Reserved

The Light of the World

by Jay Bryant Ward


A more warm and intimate take on the traditional nativity, this depiction of Mary and baby Jesus, with Joseph in the background, demonstrates the tremendous ability of the artist to portray sensitivity and light. ” I admit, the lighting is unique, and maybe a little unnatural,” the artist explains, ” or maybe, ‘supernatural’… There are a couple of light sources depicted, the candle which represents the light of man, and a brighter, purer light illuminates the Christ child.”


  1. 11-11-2011


    I’m not sure how your company operates, but your “The Light of the World” picture is absolutely beautiful. I am putting together the program artwork for our upcoming Christmas concert and would love to use this picture on our front cover. What would it take to obtain licensing for this image?


    • 11-12-2011

      Thank you Michael,

      Yes, I’m excited at the warm reception to piece, and it’s really starting to gain momentum. In fact it was just selected from over a hundred submissions for the cover of the Catholic Digest Magazine.

      Thanks also for the call. I hope we can take care of you.

  2. 12-13-2011

    I just ordered “The Light of the World” giclee for Dennis. I can’t wait for it to arrive! You do wonderful work! We are pleased that you are using your talents in good ways!
    Sharon R.

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